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"7 Figure Sales Skills is the step-by-step roadmap that will show you how to think like a modern-day marketer. Scott shows you how to use a range of frameworks and tools to easily get ahead of your competition and get your prospects to know, like and trust you, even if you're brand new and nobody's ever heard of you before" - Alexandru, CEO of

What Is “7 Figure Sales Skills”?

7 Figure Sales Skills Will Help You To...

- Craft your message and quickly build authority and trust with your prospects
- Develop a step-by-step Storytelling System that allows you to sell to prospects by rapidly removing all objections
- Generate hot leads online and close those leads with a single phone call or meeting

7 Figure Sales Skills is A SHORTCUT.

Low sales or no sales happen when there is no trust, credibility, and authority. You can spend months or years creating the best product or service, but if you can't earn your prospects' trust - it's all for nothing. Inside the 7 Figure Sales Skills book you'll find a shortcut called "The PACER Method" that will show you an easy solution to your problems so that you never have to experience low sales again.

Here Are A Few Of The Shortcuts That You'll Learn From This FREE Book...

    • Think the reason why you’re not able to make sales is your sales funnel or your offer? It’s probably not! Read this book, and you’ll discover how 90% of people set themselves up for failure by starting a business without understanding the “Modern Customer” journey.

    • If you’ve been comparing your funnel with the funnels the gurus out there have, chances are you don’t see anything too different. So what’s the problem? The gurus understand “Social Selling,” you don’t.

    • Learn how to gain authority in your chosen niche and earn your prospects’ trust within just 24 hours of them hearing about you. Once you master this, your funnel won’t matter as much. You can sell with a black and white sales page if you have their trust.

    • Discover why Customer Lifecycle Marketing funnels are the only way to get attention and sales. Discover how to Attract, Motivate, and Delight, and you’ll never have to worry about not getting deals ever again.

    • How to “lubricate the wheels” of sales conversions and turn every phone call or meeting into a pleasant and helpful engagement, and most importantly — a conversation with little to no objections at the end.

    • My top 5 engagement strategies for establishing instant rapport and credibility, which will undoubtedly make the sales easier and quicker.

    • You’ve probably heard about the importance of establishing your messaging and voice a thousand times but never seen a non-abstract example of how to do it. In this book, you’ll discover 4 styles that you can use to establish your voice and market messaging immediately.

    • Instantly stand out from the crowd by establishing your unique value and building trust and credibility in your personal brand, which is critical to any business’ success.

    • How to use the SHIP method to become and industry influence and establish omnipresence without spending a fortune on advertising.

    • The 5 tactics for creating unmatched content personalization and increase engagement and conversions all across the board.

    • Learn how to control the “stages of information” and start closing only high-value, low-regret deals.

    • Discover what makes a guru a “someone” and create a social media profile that instantly communicates credibility, trust, expertise, and legitimacy.

    • Want to know how some gurus can use the same funnel for many years and continue to make millions of off that one funnel? It’s all in the messaging strategy. If you learn how to truly understand your customers and create a million-dollar messaging strategy, and there won’t be anything stopping you. Not the high cost of advertising, and certainly not the lack of sales.

    • Who are you, and what’s your vision? If you’re trying to catch everyone, you’ll get no one. Be bold with your messaging and address only your ideal customers. Repel the customers who are not ideal, and you’ll get your ideal customers to become loyal fans and buy everything you have to sell.

    • Prospecting and engagement made easy via LinkedIn. Get your message right and go after your ideal customers only and you’ll never have to worry about finding prospects ever again.

    • Afraid of prospects’ objections? Master the art of storytelling, and you’ll rarely hear any objections from your prospects. Authority positioning + Big Idea = Owning the Room.

    What People Say About Working With Scott

    "Scott Is A True Thought Leader!"

    Scott is an intelligent and committed individual who takes pride in his work. He has an open, direct and pragmatic style that commands respect and a willingness to provide honest feedback. His courage in challenging the statue quo establishes him as a true thought leader in any industry.

    Amar Mangu

    Banking Consultant​

    "Added Tremendous Value To Our Business"

    Scott goes above and beyond and is always looking for better ways of doing things.


    Scott respects the people he works with and is honest and straightforward with everyone. He has added tremendous value to our business.

    John Hallal

    General Manager - Aegon Australia

    "Scott Is THAT Good!"

    Scott and the team have gone and done it again! The Affiliate Rock Star video series was great, but his services are killer. Take his training, watch his videos and let him take your business to the next level. You can actually learn something. True business in a box products and services. Could go on and on but the team do not need a lot of hype. Scott is that good and that is all I am going to say...

    Terry Jett

    Owner - QikSoft

    And That's JUST The First XXX Pages

    You'll Also Get My Top Offer Positioning Frameworks...

    Objection Handling & Negotiation Scripts... And SO MUCH MORE!

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    So, you're probably wondering what the catch is. It's simple.


    I want to get one of my best products in your hands for as little money as I can, in hopes that you will like it so much and will want to do more business with me later on.


    This book contains everything I've learned about selling in the past 15 years.


    I've generated over $500 million in sales for businesses and have trained over 1,000 people in varying stages of their sales careers to great success.


    One of my favorite things to do is train people to perform at the highest level. If you ask anyone I've trained their favorite thing to do, it will likely be "not needing Scott to train me anymore because I'm doing so well now."


    My hope is that this book will provide you with the necessary tools and frameworks you need to never have to worry about prospects and sales ever again.

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